The Eurasier is one of the few races in the world in which they are allowed almost all colors. All except white and fegato.Anche one small stain, it is considered a fault and automatically excludes the subject from the playback.
So the colors allowed ranging from tawny to gray, to black, and tan, the more sand in their various shades and more or less turned into the mix.
When you go to the Breeding Board asking to get a puppy, the question of color is very important and should always be kept in mind, because it is not possible to predict with mathematical certainty, knowing the color of the parents, what color will the puppies. You probably will not have all the same color and therefore it is better not to focus too much on the choice of color. A true lover of the breed, of course, color preferences, but eurasier are so wonderful that their characteristic color becomes less important.


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