First of all, you have to choose the place where your Eurasier can eat undisturbed. Growing up, it will be  agood thing to lift up his bowls from the floor, putting them on a little, low table or buying in the dogs shops these special kind of bowls: this will hwlp his feeding, without unnecessary flexings. He needs of two bowls: one for water (always fresh and clean, frequently changed and never full) and one for his meal (it will never stay there for atoo long time, full or emty). Remember that an adult Eurasier doesn't digest lactose, so: no milk! But a lot of Eurasiers love milk very much: if yours is one of them, you can buy the milk without lactose in each market or supermarket (not for dogs, but for human): it's the milk for babies or peolpe with intolerance to lactose: a bowl of milk without lactose for breakfast, makes your Eurasier happy!
Please: regularity! In quantity and hours.
Don't accustom your Eurasier to eat between meals and to ask for something from your plate.If he eats before than you, he'll be only curious about your food, nothing more of curiosity. Water and meal must have the room temperature; it's a good thing to divide the meal in two parts, so the stomach will be no too overload. 
Attention!No excercises after any meal: a stomach torsion is a  surgical emergency, often deadly.
For a right and balanced feeding of an adult Eurasier, we can choose between:
- dry food
- wet food
- home-made food
We must always choose teh best kind of food between the three possibility, considering: quality of ingredients, vitamines, minerals and all the nutritional requirements, thinking about the age and the life-style of our Eurasier. Always:avoid any sudden changes: every change must be done gradually and step by step, because the digestive apparatus is very delicate and it doesn't tolerate sudden changes in feeding.

Table for monitoring the weight of 'female Eurasier

Age Weight in Kg

8 weeks 4.400
9 weeks 5.280
3 months 7.700
4 months 10.560
5 months 12.320
6 months 14.300
12 months: about 18.700 (22.100 Kg Max - Min 15.300 Kg)
24 months: about 19.800 (23.400 Kg Max - Min 16.200 Kg)
36 months: about 22,000 (26.000 Kg Max - Min 18.000 Kg)

Table for monitoring the weight of the 'male Eurasier

Age Weight in Kg

8 weeks: 5,200
9 weeks: 6,240
3 months: 9,100
4 months: 12.480
5 months: 14.560
6 months: 16.900
12 months: about 22.100 (25.500 Kg Max - Min 18.700 Kg)
24 months: about 23.400 (27.000 Kg Max - Min 19.800 Kg)
36 months: about 26.000 (30.000 Kg Max - Min 22.000 Kg)



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