Eurasiers show themselves on the world in 1960, but they aren't the Eurasiers we know today: they're called "Wolf-Chow" because they born from a Wolfspitz female and a Chow-Chow male, with the purpose to obtain a "very special family dog". Later, to the Wolf- Chow was added Samoyeden blood and the new breed was named "Eurasier",by the German Kennel Klub VDH (in FCI) in 1973. Eurasier includes the good quality of wolfspitz (alert, without being barker), of Chow-Chow (dignified ,reserved, but never timid) and of Samoyeden ( friendly and with a closed relationship with his human family). 
His great beauty, the great affection to his human fellow, his fierceness, his vigour and his incredible sweetness, make fall in love with him.
Prof. Konrad Lorenz had the first idea. This idea covered a long walk to reach the Eurasier. With Konrad Lorenz and Mrs. Margarethe (his wife), the merit of this hard and long work goes in the same way to the great German dog-lover Mr. Julius Wipfel, who started the first selections, working for the fixity of the characters and to Mrs. Charlotte Baldamus, the first breeder. Wipfel availed himself of the help of the University of Gottinga (genetic characters) and of the Max Planck Institute of Heidelberg (behaviour characters).


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