Standard FCI   


ORIGIN Germany

Group 5 - Spitz and primitive
 Section 5 - Asian Spitz and related breeds
 No proof of required work
1960. It crossed for the first time a Chow-Chow with a Wolfspitz and the new breed was called "Wolf-Chow". So, after the introduction of blood Samoyed, the breed was named the "Eurasier" and that name has been officially recognized by the FCI.
Spitz-type dogs of medium size with harmonious proportions and erect ears, which has variety of color, the length dle hair allows you to appreciate the proportions of the body, medium heavy bone.
the length of the body is slightly longer than height measured at the withers, the proportions between length of muzzle and skull length are nearly equal.
proud, calm, well balanced, with a high threshold of response, alert and attentive, without being noisy, very marked attachment to the human family; reserved towards strangers without being aggressive, it is not a hunter. To achieve the full development of these qualities, it needs human contattao close and continuous all 'inside of the family and must receive an' education full of understanding, but at the same time rigorous and careful
skull smooth, not too broad, seen in profile and from above, the head is wedge-shaped, the longitudinal axes of the skull and dle of the muzzle are parallel.
Skull: Flat front region with median furrow well perceptible. Occipital protuberance well pronounced.
Stop: Only slightly pronounced
Nose: Medium size and color black.
Nasal bridge: Straight.
Muzzle: Not too long nor pointed, tapering towards the nose.
Lips: Edges are taut and black.
Cheeks: slightly marked.
Jaws and teeth: the front of the jaw jaws are straight, strong, with large mandibular arch. The teeth are robust and comprehensive, with a scissor bite. Premolars and molars are well aligned, certainly asoluzione continuity of all the teeth are regularly set square in the jaws ..
Eyes: Dark, medium size, neither deep-set nor prominent. Opening pelpebrale slightly oblique; eyelids cover strictly the shape of the eyeball and the eyelid margin is also black.
Ears: spaced from each other about the extent of the base of an ear; Medium size and triangular shape; always kept straight, have the top slightly rounded, the shape is that of an isosceles triangle.
Medium length and in harmony with the 'whole body, well muscled leather chinstrap dle Tight and taut.
trunk solid, not too short.
Withers: Well defined.
Croup: Straight, broad and strong.
Back: Firm and straight, well muscled.
Loin: Of good length and width, well muscled.
Chest down to the level of the elbows, ribs rounded oval; bib sciluppata well without being too obvious; sternum long, which extends far to 'back.
Underline: Slightly tucked up.
straight, round and stops at 'hanging, good thickness, tapering towards the tip; thick, the flow is turned forward over the back, is slightly curved to the side or curled. If hanging, reaching the level of the hock.
Forelegs: Seen from the side, are straight and parallel, viewed in profile, the angles presenatno openings moderate, arm and forearm are of almost equal length.
Shoulders: Well muscled, slightly oblique shoulder blades.
Arm: Of medium length and well muscled.
Elbows: Close to the body well.
Forearm: Medium length, well muscled.
Pastern: Solid.
Pastern: Medium length, seen from the front absolutely vertical, seen from the side slightly sloping.
Forelegs: Oval, toes tight, moderately arched, nails solid, dark, pads resistant, very thick, black, hair interdigital abundant.

Hindquarters: Seen from behind straight and parallel, in profile, the corners are moderately mentioned, thigh and leg are pretty much the same length.
Basin: tilted slightly.
Thigh: Medium length and strongly muscled.
Stifle: firm, angle not too open.
Hock: not too let down, still not closed nor open.
Lower thigh: Medium length, well muscled.
Hock: broad and of good length; upright profile.
Hind feet: Oval, toes tight, moderately arched with strong nails, dark, pads resistant, very thick, black, hair interdigital abundant.
covering the ground well, with good drive from the hindquarters, good extension of the forelegs
Tight, pigmented.
Hair: all over the body is a dense undercoat and a topcoat semilungo.Pelo short on the muzzle, face, ears and front of legs, the tail, the back of the front and rear are equipped with a hair much longer. Longer hair on the neck, but without forming a mane.
Color: all colors are allowed and all combinations except white, the mantle streaked with white and brown.
Height at withers: Males: 52 to 60 cm.
Height at the withers Females: da48 to 56 cm.
Males: 23 to 32 Kg
Females: 18 to 26 Kg
It 'decisive' s balanced proportions, therefore the following measures are to be found of size and weight:
Height at withers: Males: 56 cm.
Height at withers females: 52 cm.
Male weight: 26 kg
Female weight: 22Kg
any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault to be penalized according to its seriousness.
Characters related to sex, insufficientementi pronounced.
Assenz adi one or more incisors or canines, premolars of one or more 3 or 4, as well as the absence of one or more molars 1 or 2.
Abnormalities of the joints.
Entropion, ectropion, eyes too small.
Semidritte or drooping ears.
Tail broken.
Strong depigmentation.
Subject fearful, timid, overly suspicious.
NB Males should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum


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