Choose a Puppy

Although now you've lost your head and you're in love dell'eurasier lost and can not wait to share your life with him, there are still some questions to ask yourself and that can be summed up in one question: taken for granted that the Eurasier the ideal life partner for me, I'm the right person for him? What does this mean?
It means that our life will change, you will be responsible for the well-being and health for quite a bit 'of years, it means that priorities change and you have to dedicate time to his personal care, the baby food, walks and cuddles.
The Eurasier can not be left alone, never when it is small: for its integration into the human herd and to set the correct relationship between man (family) - eurasier, the constant presence of at least one person is crucial. In case of need, then, must not be left alone for more than 3-4 hours per day.
Your house has suitable space to host it? you can take it with you on vacation or there will be a person in the family with him (in your absence) that can care for them with love?
You can assure a happy life, with attention to his health and his power?
If these questions you can answer yes, then call our Breeding Board, who will be happy to talk to you and tell you you're the right person to spend happy years of your life with an Eurasier!
DO NOT ever trust stores that sell puppies of dubious origin and no security on health, always contact the Board Breeding Club Eurasier to have information about the puppies and any announcements or farm, where did you hear.
Only the Club is able to ensure your health (absence of inherited diseases and illnesses incurred during the months spent by the farmer) the seriousness of a puppy and a breeder.
Members ECI can always count and at any time, for any problem, the availability of the Club and its Team of Experts. From the choice of puppy food, with advice on health issues, the choice of specialist veterinary centers, the choice of a partner, mating and birth of your litter, as well as assistance in finding suitable adoptive families for newborns.
Our experts are available to answer all your questions: the choice of jelly best of gunzaglio, collar or harness, how to behave when he gets home, play, etc ...
So do not hesitate to contact us! We are here for you and your intersted.



For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

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